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Annual Meeting and Landscaping Credits
Posted on Jun 6th, 2024

     It is almost the time of the year for the annual meeting to take place.  This year we will be having it at Potosi Live on the 26th of June from 7 pm to 9 pm.  Bring your family if you would like, food will be provided on a first come first serve basis as trying to get an accurate number of attendees is impossible.  We will be discussing the community area mostly, the tree incentive program, and addressing any questions people in the neighborhood may have. 
     We should have a finalized video presentation showing a full 3d model of the community area that is being worked on by the people at Extreme Exteriors.  They have done some solid work in the city and I think their final product will be well worth the wait.  Speaking of waiting, I'll address some of the delays for the community area here as well as at the annual meeting.  The original plan for starting work in the springtime didn't work out.  Some of that is due to weather, some of that is due to delays in getting materials for the road or water/power, and some of it is just poor communication on my part.  I was under the impression that we were waiting for the land to be deeded to us from the developer.  What I didn't know was that was done a little over a month ago.  There isn't a good excuse for that other than I was expecting to hear from someone else and didn't follow up because life can get busy.  Not a great answer, but it is a candid one and I apologize for the delays.  Moving forward there shouldn't be any major barriers to getting the project started and I will be able to be more involved in checking on progress.  Now that there is going to be actual progress and deadlines that can be tangibly set over the next few months expect more frequent updates on those here and on Facebook.  We also have Extreme Exteriors designing entrance signs for the two major entrances to the subdivision.  Maple Street and Carriage Hills Drive, and the main entrance on Beltway, and whatever the new street over there is called.  I am hoping to have designs for those by the annual meeting as well but I make no promises.
     Something else on the improving beauty of the neighborhood front, trees!  Trees are a great way to improve the look of the neighborhood and also help cool down the local area by providing more shade.  I've always enjoyed the look of the older neighborhoods in town with the large trees so to help incentivize people to plant trees we are announcing a credit system towards your HOA dues if you plant trees.   Here is how it is going to work:
1.  Effective January 1st of 2024 any property that plants a tree in their yard, front or back, will have 100 dollars per tree credited towards their HOA dues for the calendar year. 
2.  This is limited to a maximum of 2 trees per calendar year.  
3.  Any tree can qualify be it a little sapling or a 20-foot maple tree, but it must be a tree.
4.  To take advantage of this, please send a picture of the receipt and the planted tree to  Include your name and address in the email so we make sure we are crediting the correct people. 
     I hope that this will encourage people to invest a little bit of time and money into making the neighborhood somewhere that will be more beautiful 10 years from now.  I know that there have been many people who have already planted trees in their yards.  If there is enough concern for fairness for these individuals then we can address a way of compensating them retroactively.  It's pretty obvious whether a tree was planted or not so proof shouldn't be an issue, just determining the maximum number of trees to credit if there have been several.  
     I will add that peach trees grow fantastic here and do even better when planted near other peach and flowering trees.  I personally would love to see the neighborhood full of flowering peach trees in a few years but any tree will be a welcome sight compared to the endless grass lawns.
     In the interest of ethical transparency, I will disclose that I have planted a total of three trees so far on my property.  I will not, therefore, be taking part in the tree credit program.  This isn't a kickback for myself disguised as a community program but instead is a genuine effort to reward the long-term investment behaviors to improve the neighborhood that I would like to see.  I will post the transaction history for my property if people request it to be transparent.
     Otherwise, I hope to see people at Potosi Live on the 26th!
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